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CD Release / Mixing The Ruff Pack – With You

CD Release / Mixing The Ruff Pack – With You

-> With You – Official Video

This album „With You“ is the fourth release of THE RUFF PACK.

The music is a step further in the development of the unique fusion of instrumental HipHop and Jazz that TRP has created in past years.

The Packers composed, arranged, and produced every single note and recorded them live in the studio (check out the ‚Making of‘ Videos).

The mutual vision of Daru, Steph and Matt created a whole new universe of sounds, grooves and textures.  This album captures the listener like an epic movie – you won’t be able to quit listening until the end. This musical journey will take you to unexpected places that you never thought a HipHop/Jazz Instrumental band could take you. Elements of Rock, Synthesizer like sounds, raw Funk, and pure Soul are packed into the Trio’s original sound. Steph Kondert’s solid bass grooves and virtuous solos, Matt Pedals‘ sound universe giving justice to his name and Daru Jones‘ unique driving and legendary pocket make this new record magical.

THE RUFF PACK is looking forward to exploring these journeys WITH YOU.